“I have recently had occasion to utilize Ms. Yang for Chinese-English translation, and I was very pleased with her services. I am very familiar with the difficulties and challenges faced when attempting to communicate legal concepts through translation and between cultures and justice traditions. After she accepted this challenge, Ms. Yang quickly tackled it and before I realized it her translation was done, much sooner than I had expected. She is a very easy, reasonable and responsible professional to work with. I highly recommend her for any Chinese-English translation work you may have.”

–Shackley F. Raffetto
Chief Judge, Second Circuit, State of Hawaii (Ret.)


“Fast turnaround, good quality!”

Vancouver, Canada


“We’re a good team! Thank you, Alice. I look forward to working with you again.”

–Sean Kirschenstein
Official Translate, Santa Monica, California


“Thanks again for the amazing work. I am very excited to send it to our client. There’s definitely no way we’ll let you out of our sight for the next tasks to come.”

–Didzis Grauss
Baltic Media, Riga, Latvia


“I first worked with Alice on the translation of a device manual. I worked as the translator, and Alice as the editor and proofreader. I was so impressed with the quality of her work that I asked if I could work with her on future projects. On our last project together, Alice and I split the translation of a large accounting/financial project, with Alice providing the same high-quality services I’ve come to expect of her. The client was very happy with our finished translations, and I expect to receive more projects from the client in the future, with no small part of this being owed to Alice’s work.”

–Preston Decker
PresLin Translation Services, Waltham, Massachusetts


“I have read the [sample] translation carefully. Tears cover my eyes. Your translation is great. I can feel the love in the original work.  Thank you for bringing this peaceful and beautiful morning to me.”

–May-Maxsun Feng
Maxsun International, Shenzhen, China


“We have read your translation very carefully and are very impressed with it. You have a very good understanding of the source text. You also displayed an amazing English ability that guarantees the quality of your translations! You are a very excellent professional translator. We appreciate your enthusiasm towards the translation. Thank you for all your hard work on our project.”

–Holy City Church
New York, New York

“The quality of Alice’s work is impressive. She has a deep understanding of the appropriate role of an editor and is adept at executing it. She brings that extra sensitivity and fine-tuned ear to language which is hard to find even among linguists. When Alice is done, the text sparkles with clarity, elegance, and rhythm.

Alice is a stellar editor, a skilled communicator, and a reliable, respectful human being who will always come through with the highest quality work on schedule. I would hire her in a heartbeat for any editing job.”

–Mary Beth Forton
Director of Communications & Marketing
Center for Responsive Schools / Responsive Classroom
Turners Falls, Massachusetts