I am a professional Chinese-to-English translator who is also a 25-year veteran English editor, proofreader, and writer.

Ability to handle a wide range of subjects

I’ve translated and/or edited and proofread materials from the fields of law, medicine, medical business, pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical business, biotechnology, marketing, education, telecommunications, religion, geopolitics, and literature.

My wide-ranging knowledge and good research skills mean you can entrust me with your translation, editing, and proofreading needs, whatever the subject matter.

Translations that don’t read like translations

Often, translations read like translations, with odd turns of phrase or awkward sentence structures.

My translations aren’t like that. Not only are they accurate, but they sparkle like fresh writing. That’s because I bring two-plus decades of professional English writing and editing experience to my translating. I’m not done until I’ve polished the English to a hard shine.

So you’ll get a translation you’ll be confident publishing or otherwise sharing.

Friendly interactions

Work should be enjoyable. I help make it enjoyable for you—–and me—–by being warm and friendly. My clients keep telling me how pleasurable it is to work with me. You’ll like working with me as well. Let’s get started.